Kip Festival

Have you at any point been to a chicken celebration? It’s not the most widely recognized kind of celebration right now the world, being unequivocally connected with the southern pieces of the United States. Be that as it may, Kip Festival in Amsterdam and Rotterdam has demonstrated to be just as delectable and energizing as its American partners.

Chicken dishes from everywhere throughout the world

At the Kip Festival, anticipate chicken dishes from everywhere throughout the world: Jamaican yank chicken, Japanese chicken teriyaki, American Southern seared chicken, wild ox wings, grill chicken, Greek gyros chicken, Halal chicken dishes, Indian and Thai chicken curries, Indonesian chicken satiate and some great, legitimate broiler cooked chicken.

A few arrangements of chicken may astonish you: chicken waffles, chicken marinated in cola, lemongrass chicken and red chicken fajitas on blue tacos.

Natural chicken ensured

There’s no low-quality chicken at the Kip Festival. As buyers, chicken ranchers, makers and providers become progressively mindful of the traps of the nourishment business, the interest for natural, unfenced chicken has soar. That is the reason Kip Festival urges its food providers to go for the eco choice.

Kip Festival goes considerably further and demonstrates how natural the chicken in each slow down is with the accompanying marks: Gold (80-100 percent natural), Silver (50 to 80 percent natural) and Bronze (15 to 50 percent) natural.

Kip Festival occasions

Just as great nourishment, chicken-sweethearts can appreciate groups and DJs, from reggae, afro, Latin, dancehall and soca music to kizomba and salsa. You can partake in percussion and move workshops, breathe easy on a fun manor and children can have their appearances painted.